Star Dancer Full and Lite

Wage war against five mighty space empires and watch cinematic real time battles between fighters, cruisers and capital ships.
Adjust your AI settings to control your ships in combat.
Research technology to improve your fleet's combat capabilities.
Play multiplayer against up to 5 other people.

Star Battle Conquest

Earn rankings against other opponents from all over the world by fighting battles and upgrading your fleet.
Short quick battles take place on your mobile.

Star Pilot X

Fly your fighter through space and target the evil AioSenti empire with your lasers. Take down enemy cruisers and capital ships. Win the war for Earth against the AioSenti empire. Multiple missions exist for you to test yourself against the AioSenti space craft.

Dungeon Fantasy Adventure

Battle your way through a randomly generated dungeon as one of three heroic characters. Fight as a warrior, wizard or ranger against the denizens of the dungeon and collect treasure.